Karen's Camp Journal


Karen’s Camp Journal Week 7: Connectedness

Last Sunday, the junior campers’ theatrical efforts came to fruition. From writing to rehearsals, the Junior Camp play unfolded behind-the-scenes in a flurry of exciting ideas and old-fashioned hard work. The result was a rousing Sunday evening performance of “The Day the Campers’ Wish Came True.” Campers sang original songs with gusto, engaging the audience […]

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Fresh from the Farm


Chicken Harvest: July 24th, 2014

The day of chicken harvest is always one of mixed emotions. There is nervousness, discomfort, sadness, pride, but overwhelmingly there is a sense of reverence, a word that we use often as we prepare ourselves for this community work. We feel reverence for the birds that are giving their life to sustain us. Reverence for […]

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News from Camp

2014 DC Gathering

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events For information about any event or to register, please contact Kimberly Corwin Gray via email at kcorwingray@ncstreetops.org or by phone at: 518-837-5407 Events in Oregon, Washington State, and California: March 4, 5, 8, and 10 Ski Event in Alta, Utah April 15-19 Recent Events Check out Recent Events to see what’s been happening. Contact Want to […]

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