2014 DC Gathering

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events For information about any event or to register, please contact Kimberly Corwin Gray via email at kcorwingray@ncstreetops.org or by phone at: 518-837-5407 Events in Oregon, Washington State, and California: March 4, 5, 8, and 10 Ski Event in Alta, Utah April 15-19 Recent Events Check out Recent Events to see what’s been happening. Contact Want to […]

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Karen’s Camp Journal Week 7: Connectedness

Last Sunday, the junior campers’ theatrical efforts came to fruition. From writing to rehearsals, the Junior Camp play unfolded behind-the-scenes in a flurry of exciting ideas and old-fashioned hard work. The result was a rousing Sunday evening performance of “The Day the Campers’ Wish Came True.” Campers sang original songs with gusto, engaging the audience […]

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Karen’s Camp Journal Week 6: Fish & Trips

Week six at Camp is always bittersweet. Camp life, particularly the trip program, is at its full height, signifying that we are officially into August and reminding us that summer doesn’t last forever. But while we know we are reaching the end of our time together, we also know that a lot can happen in […]

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Karen’s Camp Journal Week 5: Unplugged. Unfolding.

Every morning at Treetops, we wake to a place of spectacular natural beauty. Unplugged, it is the lakes, mountains, and forests of the Adirondacks that accompany our everyday life. Whether waking to the sun rising over Cascade Mountain, catching frogs in the pond, or walking past rows of vegetables and flowers on our way to […]

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Elizabeth Harlan hosts a gathering

On Saturday, July 26, a small group of Camp and School alums and friends gathered at the home of Elizabeth Harlan (CTT 55-58, CTT Parent 83-89, and Former Trustee). Before sitting down for lobster dinner and enjoying the sunset, Hock welcomed everyone, then gave a brief update on the current state of affairs of Camp […]

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Karen’s Camp Journal Week 4: In Full Swing…

Last Saturday and Sunday camp hosted its annual Visitors’ Day Weekend, with over three hundred visitors coming to see what the children have been doing this summer. We were fortunate to have gorgeous weather, ensuring that campers, staff, and visitors alike could enjoy the true sounds and colors of camp in full swing. The first […]

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Chicken Harvest: July 24th, 2014

The day of chicken harvest is always one of mixed emotions. There is nervousness, discomfort, sadness, pride, but overwhelmingly there is a sense of reverence, a word that we use often as we prepare ourselves for this community work. We feel reverence for the birds that are giving their life to sustain us. Reverence for […]

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Week 3-16

Karen’s Camp Journal Week 3: Water, Whimsy, and Play

We began the week reveling in summery weather at Treetops. An occasional shower brought relief to hot, sunny days. As temperatures rose through the afternoon, everyone itched for the cool of the lake. But mountain weather is prone to change. Our mid-week evenings saw temperatures dip into the 50s. Even so, now more than ever, […]

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Karen’s Camp Journal Week 2: Community Building

This week, campers enjoyed many adventures as they continue to try out activities, explore new places, and make friends with each other. Tent groups continue to bond, selecting a name unique to their collective identity. Names such as “King Tut and the Sarcopha-guys” and “Hannah’s Bananas,” not only express the group’s character, but also recognize […]

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Week One-8

Karen’s Camp Journal Week 1: Off We Go!

Campers arrived to clear blue skies and bright sunshine, a wonderful welcome for the opening of camp. These first few days are an important time for campers to form new relationships with campers and counselors and to rekindle old friendships. It’s also a time to settle into the rhythm of life at Treetops. Campers are […]

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