Camp Journal

Treetops at Home: Week Seven

Dear Treetops Families, These days, timelines are blurry. Events that are typically clear dates to be pinpointed, like the end of camp and the start of the school year, now all blend a little. In a typical summer, we would be heading into the seventh and final week of Camp. We would be gearing up […]

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Fresh from the Farm

Springtime is Lambing Time

Spring in the Adirondacks is a time of invigorating contrasts. We wake up to a meadow dotted with early-blooming wildflowers, only to see the brightly colored petals dotted with snowflakes by mid-afternoon. Loons and ducks send ripples across frigid gray water, while birds in the treetops perch among twigs budding in the warm sunlight. Despite […]

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