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An Important and Difficult Update

Dear Treetops Families, It is with a profound feeling of loss and sadness that I write today to inform the Camp Treetops community that we have reached the very difficult decision to cancel our 2020 season. Last week, I wrote about the path we were on and about what I hoped the destination would look […]

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Ensuring Health and Safety During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Treetops Families, As I write, Cascade Mountain is still frosted white, even as the trout lilies spread their vibrant yellow petals. It is a typical Adirondack spring: snow is still in the 10-day forecast, but the cheery white-throated sparrows and the swelling maple buds don’t seem to mind. It has been surreal for me […]

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Springtime is Lambing Time

Spring in the Adirondacks is a time of invigorating contrasts. We wake up to a meadow dotted with early-blooming wildflowers, only to see the brightly colored petals dotted with snowflakes by mid-afternoon. Loons and ducks send ripples across frigid gray water, while birds in the treetops perch among twigs budding in the warm sunlight. Despite […]

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