Dear Campers & Families,

In 1990, just like our newest campers, I unpacked my bags at Camp Treetops for the first time.

My husband John and I arrived with our three young children, Kelli, Katie, and Tucker, in tow. From that day forward, I’ve watched my kids grow up at Treetops. Our lives have been filled with the magic of unforgettable friendships and laughter, countless adventures, and new discoveries.

Summed up in the words of a former Camp parent: The essential experience Treetops offers is TIME. Time to walk up a hill, to look at the stars, to have a conversation, to notice the woods, and to watch a garden grow.

At Treetops, we gain time — and a host of benefits — from unplugged, simple living. Without watches or clocks, campers learn to regard time differently. Minus the array of electronics that dominates our modern landscape, they begin to see and notice, listen and hear, imagine and create. We provide Treetops campers ample time to play, learn, and create. And with time to test and try out, children discover a world of expanded possibilities.

Apart from a daily swim lesson, weekly riding lesson, and daily work job, a Treetops day is open for new experiences and adventures. Children plan most of their activities with guidance from counselors. For even our youngest campers, personal choice is balanced by a strong ethic of community service, cultivated in all of our programs, from the farm and garden to nature and wilderness.

Because our campers share a full seven weeks together, and because our camp operates on a set of common values, a strong community anchors the Treetops experience. Children live together, learn together, and work together. And whether caring for newborn chicks or preparing a meal for others to enjoy, Treetops campers come to see the value of putting the group before self. When they do, children learn both the responsibility and privilege of community.

They also establish friendships and connections that endure as lifelong sources of strength. The remarkable devotion of Treetops alumni points to the depth of these relationships. Year after year, large numbers of former Treetops campers return to serve as counselors, and many families have ties to Camp that run two, three, even four generations deep. Sharing transformative experiences over time creates these lasting bonds.

I look forward to each and every summer, fresh with its vibrant colors and new beginnings, and the wonderful excitement of celebrating yet another season with campers and staff both new and returning.


Karen Culpepper
Camp Treetops Director