In addition to their 200-acre campus, Camp Treetops and partner program North Country School share a single Board of Trustees under the not-for-profit umbrella North Country School, Inc.

The Board is comprised of dedicated individuals who vigorously support the mission and ensure a bright future for this historic institution.


Trustee Service

Trustees come to board service in a variety of ways, but most often they were either campers or students themselves, or have had children, grandchildren, or other family members enrolled in one or both of our programs. Though trustees take a variety of paths to us, there is a common thread among them: the belief in the abiding power of this institution to transform the lives of children in positive and lasting ways.

In the words of one notable trustee: “I bring my passion, my time, my desire for connection and community, my ability to lead by example, and my motivation to make a difference in a small institution that produces people who change the world.”

Board Leadership

  • Barkley Stuart, Chair
  • Jenny Ewing Allen, Vice Chair

  • Brian Eng, Treasurer
  • Sandra Gray Nowicki, Secretary


  • Lisa Beck
  • Barry Breeman
  • Peter R. Brest
  • Peter Curran
  • J. Matthew Davidson
  • Guillaume de Ramel
  • Laura Thrower Harris
  • Nick Hewitt
  • Carla von Trapp Hunter
  • Caroline Kenney 
  • Roger S. Loud
  • Greg Marchildon
  • Jennifer Maslow
  • Robert Parker
  • Pat Kramon Pincus
  • Pamela Rosenthal
  • Matt Salinger
  • Hume Steyer
  • Mara Frankel Wallace
  • Manny Weintraub
  • Jun Zhang 

Honorary Trustees

  • Joan K. Davidson
  • Colin C. Tait
  • Richard E. Wilde

Trustees Emeriti

  • David Kenney
  • Rose Kean Lansbury
  • Sumner Parker