Kitchen assistants must:

  • be a minimum of 17 years old
  • have completed their junior year of high school prior to their summer of employment
  • desire to work in a camp kitchen
  • learn to do tasks as assigned
  • be capable of accepting supervision
  • work well with others
  • be able to interact appropriately with campers.


Throughout the summer, kitchen assistants will:

  • serve food
  • wash dishes, clean and mop as needed
  • take out trash, crush boxes, and clean food waste and compost bins as needed and as directed
  • help with food prep and baking as needed
  • serve seconds as needed
  • work with other kitchen assistants, cooks, and food packers
  • interact in a positive and appropriate manner with campers
  • help with outdoor meals and “Juice and Crackers,” our daily afternoon snack.



Apply to be a Treetops kitchen assistant by filling out our online application.

For more information about our application, interview, and hiring process, please click here.