Our Mission

Camp Treetops strives to create a community that gives children the self-confidence, knowledge, skills, and values to lead satisfying and productive lives while contributing to their world.

Our Values

  • We believe that children become confident and resourceful individuals when they try new experiences and cultivate their skills toward mastery, with the guidance of caring adults.
  • We believe that teaching and learning are most successful when intellectual activity is linked with practical experience.
  • We are committed to simple and sustainable living, making responsible choices about our use of resources.
  • We are committed to sustaining a diverse and nurturing community that supports individual growth and creativity, develops resilience, and promotes social responsibility.

Diversity & Inclusiveness

We take pride in the institution’s long history of diversity and inclusiveness. It is crucial to the mission and philosophy of Camp Treetops that we continue this tradition and expand on it. Our history requires that we continue to lead in sustaining a camp that is diverse in all ways, and where differences continue to be recognized as strengths. Such diversity includes, but is not limited to, differences in racial, cultural, religious, geographic and ethnic origin; economic status; sexual orientation; gender identity; physical and learning abilities. These differences among us that we call diversity are recognized as a core strength, too precious to homogenize.

We aspire to create and sustain a model environment where issues of diversity are discussed freely, honestly, and in an informed manner for the purpose of achieving and maintaining a community where children will grow to their full capacities.


Camp Treetops has a long-standing commitment to rearing children who are aware of the need to sustain our society and our planet into the far-distant future. While the world’s growing realization of this need has fostered new vocabulary — e.g. environmental/ecological education, campus greening, sustainable living — the Camp founders were far ahead of their time, and our mission has firmly embraced these directions since the 1920s.

We believe three broad strands, often interwoven, constitute the basis for the sustainability of good life on Earth:

The Protection of Resources. Camp Treetops’ location on a working farm, one of only 216 left within the six-million acre Adirondack Park, provides an ideal setting in which to teach youngsters hands-on environmental awareness and ecological truths. Reducing waste and recycling are integral parts of our lifestyle. In addition, we strive to minimize our consumption of water, electricity, and fuel.

Fostering Good Health. More than 60 years of organic gardening practices have brought to campers and adults here the benefits of harvesting foods grown in soil enhanced by carefully tended compost, without the use of harmful chemicals. In addition to our home-grown sustenance, we purchase food which serves us nutritionally, and which minimizes unhealthy ingredients.

With farm chores, the waterfront, and easy access to hiking, riding, and climbing for all, healthy exercise is a given. Emotional well-being is reinforced through small group settings and close relationships in our nurturing community.

Nourishing Practices that Foster Peace
. Peaceful conflict-resolution is an integral feature of the Camp Treetops program. Compassion for those with fewer advantages is fostered, and active response encouraged. Respect for differences among the community, celebration of all sorts of diversities, and leveling of the economic playing field among campers all serve to teach that superficial labels are never the true measure of a person’s worth.