At Treetops, we select our counselors to ensure a balanced mix of age, experience, and skill. Not only are we blessed with an exceptionally high ratio of returning staff each year, an impressive number of our counselors were, at one time, Treetops campers themselves.

Many of our older counselors are teachers during the school year; they provide the wisdom of seasoned educators or of parents who have raised their own children. Younger counselors infuse the summer with energy, creativity, and the fresh enthusiasm of newcomers. International staff expose children and adults alike to an enriching diversity of language, ideas, customs, and practices valued by all.


Junior Camp Counselors

Niamh Armstrong

Kirknewton, United Kingdom

Jimena Arques

Madrid, Spain

Erin Baggs

Columbus, OH

DJ Baker

Tiffin, OH

Marion Breeman

Warwick, NY

Jennifer Crisp

Baltimore, MD

Melanie Damico

Lake Placid, NY

Eva Davies

Lily Doyle

Lake Placid, NY

Tia Fishler

Geneva, NY

Cole Fitter

Kailua, HI

Jill Gordon

Baltimore, MD

Lauren Greene

New Paltz, NY

Michael Harte

Belfast, United Kingdom

Claudia Hendersen

Sebastian Herlev

Strassen, Luxembourg

Cricket Liebermann

East Montpelier, VT

Kory Malone

Madrid, Spain

Oliver Marchildon

Burlington, Vermont

Debbie Model

New York, NY

Eyal Oren

San Diego, CA

Patrick Quinn

Lake Placid, NY

Alison Riley-Clark

Lake Placid, NY

Sara Rothstein

Brooklyn, NY

Ray Starn

Boone, NC

Elias Stuhr

Ithaca, NY

Jeff Sutton

Silver Spring, MD

Nora Vaughan

Oakland, CA

Jon Walsh

Katonah, NY

Matu Wamae

Stamford, CT

Gabby Wan

Hastings on Hudson, NY

Isabelle Watson

Bronx, NY

Steve Wingrove

São Paulo, Brazil

Jenny Winkler

Peter Witzig

New York, NY

Senior Camp Counselors

Efe Akkoca

Rica Allannic

New York, NY

Cole Barnard

Cape Town

Eloise Bellingham

Canton, NY

Conway Boyce

Brooklyn, NY

Jacqui Brandt

Montclair, NJ

Taylor Brown

West Chester, PA

Jacob Cann

Glen Allen, VA

Sophia Carroll

Nyack, NY

Peter Case

Darian, CT

Jarrett Daffern

Owings Mills, MD

Brian DiGeorge

Lyme, NH

Nolan Dumont

Brunswick, ME

Rose Gellman

Princeton, NJ

Bel Girmay

Jackson Harris

New York, NY

Ben Joergens

New York, NY

ChooChoo Killiam

Guilford, CT

Griffin Konkler

Saint Paul, MN

Dana Lindsay

Millbrook, NY

Bill Localio

Jay, NY

Théo Mange

Christian Metzloff

Oak Ridge, NC

Kristin Moore

Seattle, WA

Kim Narol

Princeton, NJ

Meredith Nordell

Greenfield, MA

Samantha Pawley


Jess Pawley

South Gloucestershire, UK

Matty Saehrig

Anthony Schierman

Tbisili, Georgia

Natanya Schorr

Washington, DC

Hetan Somailya

Loughborough, United Kingdom

Robbie Tepperberg

Durham, NC

Nick Waddington

Foster City, CA

Cat Wheeler

Northridge, CA

Harley Winzenried

Olin, NC

Scarlett Woods

Leah Yoes

New York, NY