Strategic Plan

The story of North Country School and Camp Treetops all began with a vision. A vision of children growing stronger, developing their characters, hearts, and minds, in community, together with nature and one another.

Today, everything we do stems directly from our guiding values and beliefs about the world, about ourselves and each other, and about how best to guide and nurture children in the middle years of their development.

When we stay focused on the why, figuring out the what and the how becomes abundantly clear. We are here because we believe in children. Like our founders, we believe that they are caring and competent, that they are able to do hard things, and that when they do, they learn and grow stronger.

Our latest strategic planning initiative began where our last plan left off. It finds us in a position of strength, optimism, and boundless energy for what comes next. Always rooted in the values and ideals that have guided us from day one, we are firm in our beliefs but flexible in our ability to meet kids where they are, to address the challenges specific to this moment, and to make a positive impact on the world.

Our Commitments and Initiatives

In our plan, we make the following three bold commitments to ourselves, our community, and the world. To ensure we uphold these promises, each of these focus areas has actionable initiatives that will keep us moving forward.

Campers getting ready for a hike


We are committed to continuing to deliver exceptional programs guided by our unique educational philosophy.

  • Provide children a camp experience that is transformational and enduring
  • Inspire, engage, and equip students with life skills and an enduring love of learning
  • Set the stage for growth
Camper doing ceramics


We are committed to strengthening our community and investing in our team of educators and adults.

  • Compensate our people in a way that is competitive, generous, and sustainable
  • Support our people in ways that promote individual and collective health and wellbeing
  • Develop the systems, practices, and policies that allow our faculty and staff ample opportunity for professional development, growth, and balance
Campers cleaning the barn


We are committed to expanding our reach and establishing ourselves as thought leaders in teaching and learning for children in the middle years.

  • Reach out to new audiences, in new ways, via new channels
  • Entice visitors to come see what’s happening on our campus, learn more about what we do and how we do it

Our Roadmap

Our Process

With gratitude and appreciation, we are proud to share that the Board of Trustees adopted our strategic plan at their spring 2023 meeting. Over the last 18 months, our community came together to help us envision Camp and School’s future to continue and build upon our meaningful programs.

Thank you for your interest in and contribution to this project as we set a thoughtful and visionary course for the future.

Questions? Comments? Input?  Click the Share Your Thoughts button below, or send an email to the Steering Committee:

With gratitude and appreciation, we are proud to share that the Board of Trustees adopted our strategic plan at their spring meeting. Over the last 18 months, our community came together to help us envision Camp and School’s future to continue and build upon our meaningful programs. You can read the full update here.

In October 2021, the Board of Trustees affirmed the launch of a visioning and strategic planning process for North Country School and Camp Treetops. We assembled a steering committee comprised of trustees, alumni, and staff and dove into the work of creating the plan. This included intentional one-on-one interviews, community-wide surveys, meaningful focus groups, and informational community sessions. We are indebted to the many people who have contributed to this effort. Our mighty community is the heart of this special place and we are so grateful for all of you who voiced your thoughts, shared your ideas, and envisioned the future with us. As we move forward to put the plan into action, we welcome your continued questions, feedback, and conversation via  .

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Mara Frankel Wallace, Committee Chair, Trustee 17-present, CTT 77-80, parent 14-15,

Barkley Stuart, Board Chair, Trustee 08-present, CTT 69-72, parent 03-07, NCS parent 09-11

Todd Ormiston, Executive Director

Ed Biddle, Trustee 20-present, CTT parent 01-08, 10-12,

Christie Borden, Director of Advancement, NCS 92, parent 17-19, CTT parent 19-present

Ami Brabson, Trustee 21-present, NCS parent 16-18,

Matt Davidson, Trustee Emeriti, CTT 62-67, parent 96-06

Sarah Davidson, CTT 96-99

Hannah Edwards, Camp Treetops Director

Emily Eisman, Associate Director of Advancement

Molly Malmfelt-Frank, CTT 90-93, staff 13-14, 21-present

Chris Moore, Director of Facilities

Bill Newman, Director of Admission (NCS)

Stefan Nowicki, Trustee 18-present, CTT 87-91, 93, staff 97-03, 06, 11

Caroline Hlavacek Perry, NCS faculty 15-present

Skye Raiser, Trustee 20-present, NCS parent 20-23

Larry Robjent, NCS Faculty 00 – present, CTT parent 16-17, 19, NCS parent 18-21

Pamela Rosenthal, Trustee 11-present, NCS Parent 07 – 09

Fritz Sabbow, CFO

Erv Shames, Trustee 95-04, CTT parent 82-85, grandparent 13-21

Matthew Preston Smith, Director of North Country School

Dave Steckler, NCS faculty 08-22

David Stewart, Trustee 20-present, NCS 94, CTT 95-96

Yunga Webb, NCS Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our Timeline


Jan-Feb 2022

Set up for success


Feb-April 2022

Where are we now? What does the environment look like?


May-July 2022

Where are we headed? What’s possible? How do we impact the world?


August 2022–April 2023

How do we get the there? What’s the plan?

We are here

April 2023-Ongoing

Share the plan and put it into action!