Watercolor of raspberry jam

Activities at Treetops allow campers to grow in knowledge, skill, creativity, and confidence. We believe in the importance of children engaging directly with the natural world. In all activities, campers begin at their comfort level and progress to new challenges.

All children have a daily swim class and an opportunity for a weekly riding lesson, as well as day and overnight wilderness trips throughout the summer. Beyond these scheduled areas, children choose the activities they want to fill their days. We encourage campers to both pursue their own interests and to engage in areas not yet explored. Some activities are fleeting and whimsical, like a costumed cross-campus scavenger hunt or a game of kick the can.

Other activities might engage a camper over multiple days, building skill and requiring focus, like throwing, trimming and then glazing a bowl thrown on the potter’s wheel or learning to steer a sailboat. Our talented, creative, and thoughtful counselors strive to help campers fill their days with a balance of lighthearted, child-centered fun and more intentional opportunities to work hard at a task or build something meaningful.