Ours is a working farm at Treetops, and has been from the start. We keep 12-15 horses for our horseback riding program and raise sheep, turkeys, goats, pigs, and several varieties of chicken, using their eggs and meat in our meals, as well as horsehair and sheep’s wool in our crafts projects.

At the barn, campers learn about and care for farm animals under the guidance of counselors and farm staff. In the process, many campers develop a measure of affection for the animals. They also learn first hand the lessons of life’s natural rhythms — the loss of chickens to predators, the bandaging of a lame horse, the hatching of chicks from an incubator — cultivating a deep respect for all the earth’s creatures.

Lamb Cam!

We have activated the Lamb Cam in the barn – giving us a window to the fascinating and endearing world of our newest four-legged community members. Please take a look by clicking the start button below. Please be advised that the cam will only work during daytime hours, and may experience periodic service outages. Enjoy.


Barn & Pasture Chores

As part of daily work jobs, each camper will have at least one week of barn chores over the course of the summer. Taking place every early morning and late afternoon, chores may include:  

  • feeding chickens and collecting eggs
  • milking goats
  • rotating sheep among pastures
  • feeding pigs
  • turning the compost
  • feeding and watering horses
  • cleaning tack
  • mucking stalls.

Animals & Yields

Over the course of each year, we raise nearly:

  • 20 ewes, 1 ram, 30+ lambs
  • 18 hogs
  • 400 chickens
  • 2-6 goats
  • 25 turkeys.

In addition to 2,400 pounds of meat and 1,300 pounds of poultry, our annual harvests include approximately:

  • 400 skeins of wool (4oz, 260 yards each)
  • 30,000 eggs
  • 50 gallons of goats milk.