Treetops sits in a place of stunning natural beauty, with Adirondack wilderness as the backdrop for daily life at Camp.

Here even the most mundane moments—walking to the barn or waiting outside for lunch—provide unforgettable vistas of mountain and forest scenery. Our spectacular setting helps foster in Treetops campers, at an early age, reverence for the natural world and all its creatures.

Outdoor Living

Life at Treetops is lived mostly outdoors, in-tune with nature. Campers routinely:

  • awaken to the sun rising over Cascade Mountain
  • fall asleep to the gentle rhythm of rain on tent canvas
  • play barefoot in the mud
  • catch frogs and salamanders in the pond
  • lie in the grass to watch falling stars.

Throughout the day, nature activity periods offer additional opportunities for campers to explore the natural world around them.

Wilderness Trips

With nearly half of the Adirondack Park’s six million acres designated as forever wild, Treetops is part of the largest publicly protected area in the continental United States. As a result, Treetops offers a broad range of wilderness trips for both beginning and more experienced outdoor enthusiasts.

Campers learn new skills and challenge themselves as they participate in:

Over the summer, all campers participate in at least one day trip and one overnight wilderness trip. During these adventures, campers learn the power of community. By working as a team to perform needed tasks and overcome challenges, children discover first hand that one person’s attitude can affect everyone — and that a positive outlook is vital to the overall success of the group.

Trip Leaders

All Treetops wilderness trip leaders are qualified in their respective fields — hikingrock climbing, horseback riding, etc. — and are carefully selected based on their training and expertise.

In addition we follow a strict set of guidelines for all trips, including:

  • at least one of two trip leaders is certified in Wilderness First Aid and CPR 
  • at least one of two trip leaders is 21 years old or older
  • both trip leaders are lifeguard certified on canoeing, kayaking, and sailing trips.

Group Size

We keep our trip sizes small to ensure the safety of all participants. Guidelines include:

  • Overnight trips: 2 leaders for every 6 campers
  • Day trips: 2 leaders for every 8 campers.