Overnight camping trips are vital to the Treetops experience.

Whether hikingboating, or horseback riding, our overnight trips offer opportunities for campers to explore the surrounding wilderness at a level and pace appropriate to each child.

Trips offer a much smaller version of the community we strive to establish at Camp, where:

  • campers work together and depend on each other
  • group needs come before individual needs
  • everyone is supportive, encouraging, and respectful
  • reaching the goal is rewarding, but the process is essential.

Fundamentals & Skills

At Treetops, through practice and instruction, campers learn the basic fundamentals of wilderness camping. In particular, children develop an awareness and understanding of how to care for their own basic needs in remote wilderness settings, including:

  • how to keep hydrated
  • how to treat blisters
  • how to pace oneself on trail.

Campers also learn to:

  • pack a backpack
  • build a fire
  • pitch a tent
  • read a map and compass
  • plan a menu and cook over a camp stove.

Leave No Trace

At Treetops, we follow the principles of “Leave No Trace” — a set of conservationist outdoor ethics — in all of our wilderness activities:

  • plan ahead and prepare
  • travel and camp on durable surfaces
  • dispose of waste properly
  • leave what you find
  • minimize campfire impacts
  • respect wildlife
  • be considerate of other visitors.

Leadership & Group Sizes

Group sizes are kept small, ensuring that children have the opportunity to learn how to become part of a community. Working together while maintaining a sense of compassion and care is crucial to fostering a positive wilderness experience for all.

Older campers have the chance to gain leadership and guiding skills. Trip leaders mentor children who may be interested in guiding a trip for some portion of the day.

Equipment & Gear

Treetops provides all necessary group camping equipment, including: tents, stoves, backpacks, cooking gear, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads.

All gear is well maintained, of durable and high quality, and carefully selected.

As indicated in the packing guide, campers are asked to provide personal items such as proper footwear, warm layers, and rain gear. Trip leaders always ensure that every camper has the necessary equipment before they embark on their trip.