At Treetops, the idea of a “nature program” is almost redundant, as the natural world is in almost everything we do:

  • hearing the call of a loon while canoeing
  • using plants for natural dyeing or weaving
  • walking barefoot along streamside moss and rocks.

Learning in Nature

Redundant or not, we have several naturalists on staff, a butterfly house, plus the natural classrooms of the lake, meadow, and woodland trails. As they explore firsthand the world around them, campers learn to:

  • identify planets and constellations with field glasses or a telescope
  • gather edible plants and flowers as snacks or garnish
  • catch frogs in the reflecting pond or butterflies in the meadow
  • distinguish species of trees by their distinctive leaves.

Perhaps most important of all, exploring nature fosters children’s appreciation for the beauty of the natural world and a desire to protect it.

Nature & Creativity

At Treetops, many of our crafts activities incorporate elements of nature. Campers for instance might:

  • create weavings with grass, feathers, and other natural materials
  • make hand-made journals with birch bark covers
  • press wild flowers for hand-made paper
  • make lip balm with mint and lavender picked from the gardens
  • dye silk scarves using natural dyes found on the property.