With 12-15 horses in our barn, all Treetops campers have the opportunity to ride at least once a week. At the start of Camp, our experienced riding instructors assess each camper’s horseback riding ability and place them in an appropriate class for their skill level. Over the summer children develop their horsemanship skills in our outdoor riding rings and on extensive trails around the property. Campers without previous horseback riding experience are encouraged to learn the basics and then progress to controlled walking and a posting trot. More advanced riders progress to cantering, galloping, and jumping.

When campers demonstrate proficiency in the following skills they are eligible for a trail ride and then an overnight riding trip:

  • halter a horse
  • groom a horse
  • bridle and saddle a horse
  • tie a quick release knot
  • mount a horse either from ground or on a mounting block
  • dismount without help and learn about emergency dismounts
  • tighten a girth

Equipment & Gear

Campers are required to wear both boots and helmets when riding. Although we invite campers to bring their own gear, we do provide riding helmets and boots.