Song and dramatics are integral parts of everyday life at Treetops.

Our music and drama program covers a wide range of activities that help build campers’ skills, confidence, and sense of collaboration. All children are encouraged to share and enjoy the inspiration of music and drama in an outdoor setting.


Music at Treetops is woven throughout the day:

  • we sing together every morning at Council
  • campers sing or play instruments outside the dining room waiting for a meal
  • their drumming sets a rhythm for community work projects
  • children play and sing around a campfire
  • small groups perform during special evening performances.

Campers are encouraged to bring their own instruments from home but are welcome to use the wide array we have in our music room:

  • pianos
  • a variety of drums
  • guitars
  • ukuleles
  • recorders.

Children have the opportunity to receive small group or individual instruction from our experienced music counselors. They often practice on their own or in small groups inside or at places such as the Lake Hill, the Children’s Garden, or even on the top of a small mountain.

As campers write together original songs, create their own lyrics from old favorites, or learn a new instrument, they bond with each other and adults.


Drama at Treetops is all about collaboration, the creative process, and having fun. Improvisation and the exploration of expressive performance are what guide our program — from theater games to poetry to rehearsed skits.

In addition:

  • an informal garden skit may teach fellow campers about why we mulch
  • a more elaborate performance may take place during a talent show or other special event.

At the end of the summer, the annual dramatic play is held in our pavilion or outdoors in our amphitheater and is a beloved tradition among Treetops campers.