All Treetops campers are offered the opportunity to learn to rock climb and/or advance their top roping and bouldering skills. With indoor and outdoor climbing walls, as well as world-class crags and boulders in our backyard, campers are exposed to dozens of routes that require varying levels of experience and technique.

At Treetops, learning to climb is about much more than simply applying one’s athletic ability and strength. The learning process also involves patience, trust, and self-awareness.

Campers may sign up for half and full-day trips to nearby crags in the Adirondacks once they have demonstrated sufficient skill, knowledge, and technique on our climbing walls. They must exhibit an understanding of the relationship between themselves and their climbing partners, as well as the powerful dynamic that trust plays in the climbing process.

Our climbing trip leaders inspect equipment before every use. During all climbing activities, counselors closely monitor techniques and safety practices. A nationally certified professional provides a thorough annual inspection of our climbing facilities and equipment.