Every day, each child takes an American Red Cross swim class at our waterfront on Round Lake.


Classes are organized and assigned based on the ability of each camper at the beginning of the summer. All campers must pass a swimming test before venturing into deep water or participating in boating activities. Campers are also required to adhere to Treetops’ waterfront rules and the “buddy system.”

Beginners are encouraged and supported as they learn the basics. More advanced swimmers may take on challenging endurance swims, help teach younger children, or perfect their butterfly or backstroke.

Waterfront Activities

All campers spend at least one period per day at the waterfront. Afternoon general swims allow everyone, from beginners to advanced swimmers, to have fun playing in the water. For endurance, campers sometimes tackle an open water, quarter-mile course or the full mile swim across our lake and back. Hearty campers sometimes elect a pre-breakfast polar bear dip or an afternoon swim in gentle rain.

Much of the waterfront activity is about fun and play, where campers:

  • do handstands in shallow water
  • play Marco Polo
  • catch salamanders along the shore
  • build sandcastles on the beach.

Additional activities include:

  • after dinner swims
  • diving and snorkeling
  • water polo
  • “sinky boats”
  • water games
  • water carnival


Because safety is of paramount importance, swimming classes are small. Our ratio of lifeguards to campers at the waterfront is one to eight. Approximately 90 percent of our staff is lifeguard certified; waterfront training for adults begins before campers arrive, with certification courses and detailed water safety protocols, including weather emergencies and thunderstorms.