Our craft shops are led by experienced artisans and educators who encourage children to explore their own creativity as they learn new skills: weaving, woodworking, pottery, dyeing and batik, felting, puppet making, knitting, beading, papermaking, and more.

A canoe paddle made in the woodshop; a wall hanging woven on the floor loom; a bowl hand-thrown on a potter’s wheel — seeing these or other projects through to their completion instills children’s sense of confidence and faith in their abilities.


Campers learn to weave on bead and belt looms, later progressing to table and floor looms. As always, after learning the necessary skills, children are able to be increasingly creative with design and color.


In the pot shop, campers learn the art of ceramics.

Beginning with basic hand-building techniques, campers may make a variety of objects such as coil pots, clay animals, teapots, or whistles. Campers may then progress to throwing on the wheel, electric or kick-wheels, making cups, bowls, plates, or vases – improving basic skills and broadening their ability to create more intricate projects. Once an object is created, campers use glazes to add color and then their pieces are fired in our kilns. Campers also have the opportunity to learn alternative firing techniques, such as pit, saggar, and horsehair firings, which all incorporate natural and recycled materials.


From wooden boxes to checkerboards and toy sailboats to canoe paddles, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Campers interested in woodworking first learn to safely use hand tools such as hammers, saws, and hand drills. Older children in the Senior Camp wood shop also learn to use the lathe, eventually making objects such as bowls and baseball bats.


To observe and participate in the cycle of sheep-to-shawl is a unique opportunity for our community.

Campers create felted and wool products from the animals they care for. On any given day, they may be carding, spinning, or dyeing wool for later use to create felted slippers, fiber sculptures, woolen pictures, knitted hats, and weavings.

Find out more about our sheep and other animals.

Nature & Recycled Crafts

The use of natural and recycled materials is a frequent feature of our projects. Campers, for instance:

  • dye silk scarves with plants from our flower garden
  • create beautiful textured stationery from pulp blended from recycled paper
  • sew pillows with balsam needles gathered in the woods on our property
  • sew tote bags of their own design out of old tent canvas.

Find out more about our garden and some of the plants campers may use to create dye.