Watercolor picture of life vests

Campers have ample opportunities to engage in activities at our lake throughout the day. In addition to more structured swim lessons and boating instruction, much of the waterfront activity is about fun and play, where campers can do handstands in shallow water, paddle “sinky” boats, or build sandcastles on the beach. The waterfront also provides a place to engage with the natural beauty of our lake. Campers may gather at bedtime to watch the sunset, sketch the view from the lakehill, or observe loons during an early morning swim.

Campers jumping in the water


All campers participate daily in an American Red Cross swim class, as well as plenty of time to enjoy playful activities in the water.


Camper SUP


Throughout the summer, campers can practice the art of canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and sailing in the safe confines of our waterfront before venturing out to other lakes and rivers. Activities like sailboat tag, water obstacle courses, and paddleboard yoga make the learning process fun for campers of varying interests and experience.