Watercolor painting of otters

At Treetops, the world slows down. Untethered to technology, without watches or clocks, children begin to see and notice, listen and hear, imagine and create. Where there is time to play—to explore the reflecting pond, to chase butterflies, throw a Frisbee, or join in a square dance—there is time for childhood. Through creative play and games, children discover their imaginations and develop their dexterity and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength.

camper climbing a tree

Creative Play

A tradition of playfulness and whimsy infuses daily life at Treetops.


Campers playing chess

Sports & Games

Sports and games at Camp, like many of our activities, are meant to nurture the joyful energy of childhood, to allow time for practice and growth, and to encourage campers’ own creativity.


Camper on a slip and slide

All Camp Events

At least once a week, the entire Camp gathers together for a special activity. These events help us to celebrate different program areas, highlight campers skills and interests, or simply to laugh, play, or work as a community.