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Camp Journal: Week Seven

With only a few days left at Treetops, campers delighted in our annual Harvest Banquets—celebrations of our farm and community. Children harvested potatoes, herbs, zucchini, carrots, tomatoes, and beans for the evening feasts. The tables were set with white tablecloths, candles, and colorful bouquets of flowers from our annual garden. Campers dined on roasted chicken and […]

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Camp Journal 2016: Week Six

On Tuesday evening, six lucky junior campers and two counselors paddled across Round Lake with a packed supper and all the fixings for S’mores. After sharing their meal by the campfire, the children settled into bed on the sleeping porch of RockE boathouse. When shooting stars began to illuminate the night sky, counselors roused them […]

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Camp Journal 2016: Week Five

This week, campers departed on an exciting array of wilderness excursions. Some embarked on a 5-day paddling and hiking trip in the Santanoni Range, ascended multiple 46’er peaks, cooked meals over a camp stove, and slept under the stars. Other brave souls canoed across Middle Saranac Lake, facing a strong headwind before setting up camp for […]

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Camp Journal 2016: Week Four

On a damp Monday morning, Senior Camp gathered in the forest alongside Dexter Pasture to participate in Treetops’ annual chicken harvest. A “challenge by choice,” participation in chicken harvest is optional. This is always a day of mixed emotions; sadness and uncertainty intermingle with respect for our chickens. In the words of Treetops farm manager […]

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Whole System Farming at Camp Treetops & North Country School

Farm Blog Written By Nick Kramer Despite the challenges of alpine farming, tucked away as we are among the High Peaks, a summer stroll through the Treetops and NCS campus reveals a verdant creativity. Our succession of delicate forays into this natural ecosystem has been made by humans passionate about its beauty and excited to figure […]

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Camp Journal 2016: Week Three

Hot, muggy temperatures gave way to thunder and a smattering of rain this week. By now, children are as in tune with the ever-changing Adirondack weather as they are with the other rhythms of Camp life. The result is a quiet confidence and sense of purpose. Campers have begun to feel at home, beaming with […]

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Camp Journal 2016: Week Two

This week, at our annual Fourth of July bonfire, Junior Campers paraded in homemade hats of all shapes and colors to the Lake Hill, where Senior Camp greeted them in celebration. Upon arrival, campers tossed their hats onto the unlit fire, and joined the others in anticipation of singing together and the annual Super Skit. […]

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Camp Journal 2016: Week One

Campers arrived at Treetops to a spell of brilliant sunshine and bluebird skies. By mid-week, the hot muggy weather gave way to thundershowers, postponing the all-camp bonfire—an early lesson in how quickly the elements can change in the Adirondacks. Experiencing the natural world at Treetops means embracing the rhythms of the environment, as well as Camp life. For some children, […]

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Welcome to the Treetops Farm 2016

Farm Blog Written By Jess Wegrzyn It’s an exciting time on the farm! The delicate white sugar snap pea blossoms float in and amongst the riotous tangle of vines. The first succession of leafy greens are nearly harvest-ready. Tiny sweet peppers hang like lanterns down from tender stems. Vibrant pops of color are speckled throughout the […]

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Summer’s end at Treetops

By Caroline Golden, farm intern The last day of a Treetops summer finally arrived. Supers held each other tightly as they sniffed back farewell-for-now tears. As I watched counselors hug their campers goodbye, it was unclear who had touched whose lives more this summer. I empathized with a tiny Junior Camper’s heartfelt sniffles over the upcoming school year apart. I […]

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