At least once a week, the entire Treetops community takes part in a special event or activity —  laughing, playing, and celebrating together the spirit of Camp. Throughout the summer, campers, counselors, and staff alike look forward to these community-wide events, including:

  • 4th of July bonfire
  • British Day
  • Backwards Day
  • Treetops scavenger hunt
  • harvest banquet
  • square dances
  • dramatic performances
  • talent show.

Water Carnival

During Water Carnival, an all-afternoon annual event of water-related fun, campers revel in:

  • greased watermelon races
  • costumed water relays
  • canoe tug-of-war
  • slip ’n slide
  • face painting.


Once each summer, the riding staff arrives at morning Council on horseback, dressed in elaborate costumes. This grand arrival marks Gymkhana — a series of activities on horseback that offer campers the opportunity to show off their horsemanship skills as they take part in fun, out-of-the-ordinary activities. In special horseback races, participants carry an egg on a spoon while guiding their horse through a series of obstacles or dismount and search for marshmallows hidden in a plate of flour, without using their hands. Others play “musical horses” — a horseback version of musical chairs — with counselors playing guitars to provide the music.


During the annual end-of-season FarmFest, we celebrate both the beauty and bounty of the farm with activities that blend natural, healthy living with simple fun and creativity. FarmFest begins with the parade of horses, during which proud campers lead down the main drive horses whose manes they’ve braided and decorated with flowers. Then campers, counselors, and staff participate in:

  • blindfolded taste tests
  • juice samplings
  • veggie, dip, and herbed bread samplings
  • face painting
  • creating felted animal figures
  • weaving flower chains
  • all-Camp singing.