Treetops strongly believes in the importance of nourishing the well-being and healthy growth of children through wholesome and delicious food. We serve three well-balanced meals a day with many ingredients grown or raised on our farm or purchased locally.

Staples of our meals include:

  • fresh-baked bread made from scratch
  • vegetables harvested daily from our garden
  • meat raised on our farm or on surrounding area farms
  • maple syrup made from our sugarbush for pancakes and waffles.

Throughout the day, we encourage campers to drink water and snack on fruit available in the dining room. Campers also quickly learn the pleasure of indulging in fresh vegetables right from the garden — rhubarb, carrots, and sweet peas make for a satisfying snack.

Each afternoon, the whole community gathers together to enjoy a snack of juice and crackers.

Although Junior and Senior Camp have their own dining rooms, the rituals are the same. In each, we serve family-style meals on real china and with cloth napkins. Five campers sit together with a counselor at each table for one week at a time. The opportunity to share mealtime conversations with each other is another way we build community at Treetops.

In addition, special meals throughout the summer help foster each camper’s sense of belonging, such as:

  • tent group cookouts over campfires
  • Fund Lunch, a weekly meal of soup and crackers, where the money saved is donated at summer’s end to a non-profit group chosen by campers
  • all-camp picnics or cookouts at least once a week.
  • Gardener’s lunch, a meal planned, prepared, and enjoyed by campers and counselors on that week’s harvest work job, inspired by our garden’s bounty.