Treetops strongly believes in the power of food to influence the well-being and healthy growth of children.

Delicious Food & Healthy Snacks

We serve three healthy, well-balanced meals a day with an emphasis on homemade, whole foods. Most of the ingredients we use are grown in our gardens, come from our farm, or are purchased locally.

Staples of our meals include:

  • fresh-baked bread made from scratch
  • vegetables harvested daily from our garden
  • meat from our farm or surrounding area farms
  • juice at breakfast; milk and water at other meals
  • maple syrup made from our sugarbush for pancakes and waffles.

In between meals, we encourage campers to drink water throughout the day and to snack on fruit available in their dining room. Campers also quickly learn the pleasure of indulging in fresh vegetables right from the garden — rhubarb, carrots, and sweet peas make for a satisfying snack.

Each day, campers also attend afternoon “Juice and Crackers,” a camp-wide community snack time.

Meals & Community

Although Junior and Senior Camp have their own dining rooms, the rituals are the same. In each, we serve family-style meals, on real china. Groups of five campers and one counselor sit together at a table for every meal for one week at a time. The opportunity to share mealtime conversations with counselors and campers one might not otherwise encounter is another way we build close community at Treetops.

In addition, special meals help foster each camper’s sense of belonging:

  • tent group cookouts over cook fires
  • Fund Lunch, a weekly meal of soup and crackers, where the money saved is donated at summer’s end to a non-profit group chosen by campers
  • all-Camp picnics or cookouts at least once a week.


Our farm-to-table practices emphasize the direct relationship of Treetops’ working farm to the food presented on the table at each meal. They also show the role our community members play in the process of producing the food that they consume.

In our dining rooms we practice our belief in sustainable living. Nothing is wasted; campers separate their food scraps for recycling to our compost pile or to feed to our pigs.

Dietary Restrictions

For campers who have food allergies, dietary restrictions, or are vegetarians, we always provide alternative options.  Find out more >>