We are thrilled that New York State has given overnight camps the green light to open this summer! All of us at Camp Treetops are committed to providing a safe, healthy, and exciting camp season – the 100th summer at Camp Treetops. Though Camp may look different this summer, based on Covid guidelines, our philosophy remains the same—giving children time to experience the natural world and an array of activities in an unplugged, unhurried, child-centered environment. Below are some Frequently Asked Questions concerning our COVID protocols. Much of this information is still in development and we will keep you updated as we receive more guidance from New York State, the CDC, and the American Camp Association.


What are the quarantine requirements for campers prior to arriving to camp?

We are developing our quarantine requirements based on NYS guidelines. At the least, we will ask that all campers minimize high-risk activities for the two weeks prior to the start of camp. 

We will send more information related to pre-arrival quarantine expectations and requirements in a future parent mailing.


What are the travel requirements for international campers and staff?

At this time, all international travelers to NYS must follow the NYS Travel Advisory and the current CDC requirements. Campers will need to have a negative Covid test not more than 3 days before they travel to the US and complete the NYS Department of Health traveler health form. If they arrive in the US and come right to Camp, their quarantine can be at camp with our other campers. We will test our entire camp community during the first week of camp. 


What resources has Camp Treetops been using to develop protocols for the 2021 season?

For all COVID-19 protocols for this summer, we are consulting the NYS Health Department, the American Camp Association, the CDC, and our Camp nurses.


Will you require testing for campers and staff prior to the start of camp?

Yes, we will require that all campers and staff get a Covid test 72 hours prior to arrival at camp. We prefer the most reliable test, which is the PCR test, which is widely available at local clinics and at home via services like Vault Health. If you anticipate difficulty getting a timely PCR test, we will accept an antigen test (sometimes called a “rapid test”) for the pre-arrival test. Proof of negative results will be required prior to arrival to camp. 


Will you require campers and staff to get the Covid vaccine?

Because it is not yet available for children and youth under the age of 16, we do not anticipate requiring that campers be vaccinated against COVID-19.  

We strongly encourage all camp staff to get the vaccine before the start of camp. The CDC has expanded their definition of “essential worker” to include camp staff, but eligibility is still state by state. If you are eligible in your state, your staff agreement letter should provide proof of eligibility for the vaccine.


Will charter buses from NYC be an option for traveling to camp this summer?

To minimize exposure to COVID-19, we would like to encourage families to consider driving their child to Camp, if possible. Although a final decision hasn’t been made yet, we anticipate that we will be able to offer our regular chartered bus service to Camp from 7 East 96th Street in Manhattan on opening morning. We will require that campers be masked and physically distanced (one person to a seat) while on the bus.


What will the drop-off procedure look like at the start of camp?

Families who accompany their children to Treetops should plan to arrive between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m. We will require family members to stay within their vehicle when dropping off their child(ren) at camp. We will not have bathroom facilities available to families on opening day, so please plan accordingly. Campers will be screened while still in the car.


Will there be a health screening on arrival day?

We always do a basic health screening on arrival day. This summer, in addition to our basic arrival screening, we will do temperature checks and ask questions about any symptoms of illness. 

We require an up-to-date and completed health form and proof of a negative COVID test within 72 hours for every child prior to arrival to camp. We also ask that all health concerns be communicated prior to arrival day as access to our Camp nurses will be very limited.


Will you be requiring campers and staff to wear face masks and to physically distance?

Yes, we will be outdoors, masked and physically distanced as much as possible. Campers will be organized in pods for the first week of Camp, at least. During this time, masks and distancing will be required at all times except for when campers are in their tents, while eating, and while swimming. 


What will mealtimes look like at Camp this summer?

We have rented two large event tents that will be outside of each dining room, so that we will be able to physically distance as much as possible during mealtimes. As always, our meals will be wholesome and nutritious and will be sourced as much as possible from our own farm and gardens.


Will COVID-19 affect camp program offerings?

We anticipate that we will be able to offer all of the activities of a typical Treetops summer. 


Will you test campers and staff during the summer?

Yes. We plan to test campers and staff during the first week of camp. 

We are also working with a local university to have a weekly test of our waste water, allowing us to keep an eye on the whole campus without individual testing. If an abnormality is present, we would test the entire community. 


Will there be Visitors’ Weekend this summer?

To help keep our community safe and healthy, Visitors’ Weekend has been canceled for this summer. A Zoom call with your camper during that weekend will be an available alternative. We will send more information about this in a parent mailing early in the summer.