Watercolor painting of carrots

As an introduction to Camp Treetops, there is surely no better way to begin than with the enduring words of Helen Haskell, Treetops director from 1929-1969.

“Treetops gives back what city and suburb have taken away—farm animals to care for, sand and earth to dig in, trees to climb, grass to roll in, woods and fields to explore, flowers to pick or a garden to tend, wide stretches in which to play safely, a place to swim in the sun, to sleep out under stars.”

These words ring as true today as they did when Helen wrote them in 1951. In fact, many would agree that the need for children to have special places like Treetops in their lives has never been greater.

Our rustic Adirondack setting and unhurried pace provide children with the space and time for childhood. Miles of trails offer access to explore surrounding mountains and woodlands, and our 220-acre property includes a working farm with barnyard animals, large organic gardens, and a lake free of motorboats.

Treetops offers a life of unplugged simplicity. Free from the pull of cell phones, video games, and social media, children come to appreciate their own imaginations, the company of others, and the endless wonders of the natural world.

Whether making their own canoe paddle, creating an intricate weaving, hiking one of the Adirondacks’ challenging high peaks, or sailing in a brisk wind on Lower Saranac Lake, campers not only establish lasting friendships, but gain values and skills that form a foundation of confidence, resilience, and compassion.