Parent Handbook


Packing List

The Cardinal Rule of Packing



All kids occasionally misplace their belongings — having your child’s clothing and other items clearly labeled greatly increases the chances of reuniting them with their missing possessions. All items brought to camp need to be labeled with your camper’s name.

Please use sew-in labels for clothing, as iron-on labels come off in the dryer. Sew nametags to center back neckband of shirts, to center waistband of pants, and on inside top edge of socks.

Black permanent markers are satisfactory to use on some clothing such as shoes, belts, raincoats, etc.

Silver permanent markers may work well for labeling flashlights, combs, brushes, toothbrushes, etc.

What to Bring


Make sure your child comes to camp with clothing that is:

  • extremely durable
  • able to withstand seven weeks of rugged use
  • able to withstand cotton shrinkage (all clothing is laundered in commercial machines)

We suggest sending your child with:

  • sleepwear: bathrobe, slippers, lightweight pajamas, warm (fleece) pajamas
  • undergarments: underwear, long underwear
  • tops: t-shirts, heavy duty shirts, sweatshirts
  • bottoms: long pants, shorts
  • “formal wear”: dress, blouse and skirt, or collared shirt for square dances
  • outerwear: long sleeve polar fleece top, wool sweater, sun hat, wool knit or fleece hat, waterproof rain suit or jacket with hood (no ponchos)
  • footwear: heavy cotton socks, wool/SmartWool socks (no thin or synthetic), hiking boots (with heel), sneakers, water shoes/sandals, waterproof (rain/muck) boots
  • swimwear: traditional swim trunks for boys, one-piece swimsuits or “tankinis” for girls (no bikinis)
  • accessories: bath towels, wash cloths, laundry bag, flashlight or headlamp (with batteries), reusable water bottles, toiletries

Additional Items

These items may be brought to camp, but are not necessary:

  • cameras: Polaroid/instant print cameras are best – senior campers may bring digital cameras
  • musical instruments
  • sporting equipment: tennis racquets, fishing tackle, etc.
  • riding equipment: riding boots, hats
  • wetsuit vest
  • extra eyeglasses
  • books


Please pack all medications together to be delivered to the nurse.

Be sure all medications are listed on the health form signed by your physician and are in the original containers.


If possible, please bring duffel bags rather than suitcases or trunks. Please use the identification tags provided by camp for all luggage (these will come in the mail). If you want to send luggage before camp starts, please mail before June 18th.

What NOT to Bring

  • iPods, computers, electronic games, cell phones, e-readers, or electronic equipment of any kind
  • candy or food of any kind
  • items of great value or that need special storage (jewelry, etc)
  • watches
  • money
  • aerosol cans
  • makeup or cosmetics
  • pets