Campers posing for a picture

Visitors’ Weekend will be Saturday, July 27 OR Sunday, July 28, 2024.

Visitors’ Weekend is a wonderful opportunity for campers and families to share a day together. Your child will be excited to see you and show you what they have been experiencing at Camp. We hope to have an in-person Visitors’ Weekend this summer.

We ask families to select one day for their visit, though separated or divorced parents of 7-weekers may each choose a day. Please note: if your child is a 4-week camper, you are welcome to visit campus on Saturday and then depart with your child at the end of the day. Visiting time begins at 9:15 am with Morning Council, and ends at the 5:00 pm barn chores/work jobs bell.
We regret that due to limitations of our kitchens and facilities, we cannot accommodate you for more than one day. (The one exception is for 7-week families with more than one child at camp, who may visit for both days). We do not allow campers to leave the camp property on Visitors’ Weekend. We appreciate your cooperation in requesting no exceptions.


We’ll send detailed information and registration forms early in the summer.


We suggest making your lodging accommodations early, as Lake Placid is a small and busy place in the summer.

For information about where to stay or things to do in Lake Placid and the surrounding areas, visit: