Friends’ Weekend 2013

FWscarecrowsIf numbers mean anything, Friends’ Weekend has become a favorite annual event. This year’s record turn out of alums, friends, and family members topped 275.

Friends of all ages enjoyed the usual offerings of barn chores, garden harvest, horseback riding, waterfront fun, and various crafts. Hikers ventured to Macomb and South Dix, Rocky Peak Ridge, Mt Van Ho, and Cascade, and paddlers canoed on Middle Saranac and from Second Pond to Lake Flower. Work job activities included unloading a hay delivery at the barn, creating a new shed for the Children’s Garden, and placing soil and planting the live material roof on the new “jacket shack” at the waterfront. Evening activities featured the annual bonfire and square dance, and Homenight dinners in the Hill Houses, new this summer, were a huge success we look forward to repeating next year.

Come join the hundreds who have made Friends’ Weekend an annual summer destination: mark your calendars for the next Friends’ Weekend: August 20-24, 2014.