Our endowment is an investment in the future. It gives us the confidence to plan and make strategic, long-term decisions that will allow us to provide future generations with the unique programming that affords every child the opportunity for success.

To promote economic diversity, strong scholarship funding supports nearly 30 percent of campers and students in any given year. In recent years, awarded scholarship assistance to students and campers has amounted to approximately 20 percent of our operating budget. The generosity of donors makes this commitment possible. But as the demand for financial aid increases, endowment growth to support expanded scholarship funding will help ensure accessibility to the most promising students and campers, regardless of family income.

Please consider donating to the general endowment or to any of the established named funds below.

Endowment Funds

Milton and Liesa Allen Fund (for Faculty Salaries)

David and Peggy Bailey Fund (In honor of the founders of Woodstock Country School)

Beck Seider Family Fund (for CTT Scholarships)

Beyond the Mountains Fund (for Faculty Development)

Bob Bliss Fund (for Waterfront Improvements)

Bramwell Family Fund (for NCS & CTT)

Walter P. Breeman Endowment Fund (for theater production at NCS)

Mildred Brooks Nature Program Fund (for CTT Salaries)

Leo and Walter Clark Fund (for NCS & CTT)

Brion Crowell Fund (for NCS & CTT)

Kitty and Carl (C.D.) Dennett Scholarship Fund (for NCS Scholarships)

Dumont Scholarship Fund (for CTT Scholarships)

Harry K. Eldridge Scholarship Fund (for NCS Scholarships)

Feather Foundation Fund (for Gardens and Greenhouse)

Eric Feldsberg Memorial Scholarship Fund (for CTT Scholarships)

Garden Fund (for Program Enhancement)

Reginald Gilliam Mountaineering Leadership and Scholarship Fund (for Mountaineering Program Support and CTT Scholarships)

Govan Family Fund (for CTT Scholarships)

Tsu Hansen Fund (for NCS & CTT)

Harlan Family Fund (for NCS & CTT)

Doug Haskell Fund (for CTT Scholarships)

Helen Haskell Fund (for NCS & CTT)

Kaye Clark Hoins Fund (for NCS & CTT)

Lindsay Johnson Fund (for NCS Scholarships)

Adlin and Sherman Loud Scholarship Fund (for NCS Scholarships)

Anne Martindell Gardening Fund (Restricted)

The Master Teacher Fund (for Faculty Salaries)

Peter W. Merle-Smith Fund (for CTT Scholarships)

Kate C. Moore Fund (for CTT Scholarships)

Christopher Nicholson Memorial Fund (for NCS Scholarships)

Diana E. Oehrli Fund (for CTT Scholarships)

Okin Fund (for Maintenance on Capital Improvements)

Olmstead Fund (for NCS & CTT Endowment)

Arthur W. Parker Fund (for NCS & CTT)

Susan Powell NCS 51 Fund (for NCS & CTT)

Prince de Ramel Fund (for Faculty Salaries)

Joyce Pearson Prock Fund (for NCS & CTT)

Richard Rockefeller Fresh Start Scholarship Fund (for NCS &CTT Scholarships)

Smith Family Foundation Fund (for NCS Scholarships)

Sylvia Pool Sperling Fund (for Visiting Artists Restricted Endowment)

Spiegelberg Fund (for Scholarships)

David A. Stein NCS 52 and Allison Stein Robbins NCS 74 Fund (for Riding Program, Farm, and NCS Scholarships)

Elizabeth Claire Stein Scholarship Fund (for CTT Scholarships)

Strong Roots, High Peaks Greening and Renewal Fund

Strong Roots, High Peaks Faculty Support Fund

Strong Roots, High Peaks Scholarship Fund (for NCS & CTT Scholarships)

Margaret and Randolph Thrower Fund (for Greening and Renewal)

Frank H. Wallace Fund (for Faculty Enrichment)

Jerome P. Webster III Fund (for NCS & CTT)

Herbert and Maria West Fund (for NCS Intern Salaries)

Winter’s Children Fund (for NCS Scholarships)

John O. Zimmerman Fund (for NCS & CTT)

If you wish to create a special endowed fund, please contact the Advancement Office at 518-523-9329.

Please note: In addition to their 200-acre campus, North Country School and partner program Camp Treetops share a single Board of Trustees and various administrative functions, including fundraising and publications.