girl gardening

Farm Blog Written By Jess Wegrzyn

It’s an exciting time on the farm!

The delicate white sugar snap pea blossoms float in and amongst the riotous tangle of vines. The first succession of leafy greens are nearly harvest-ready. Tiny sweet peppers hang like lanterns down from tender stems. Vibrant pops of color are speckled throughout the emerging annual flower garden. Sheep and laying hens are rotating through Dexter Pasture on a daily basis.  Pigs are rooting the ground at the site of the future forest garden. The first cherry tomatoes and cucumbers were harvested and brought to the Junior and Senior Camp kitchens this morning – a full month earlier than others years!

This year’s summer farm crew – Andrea, Mark, Jake, Hannah, Nick, and Jess – is busy working under the guidance of Farm Manager, Katie Culpepper, to tend the nearly five acres of cultivated gardens, the two greenhouses, the barnyard, the Dexter pasture, and our new tunnel composter.  With Camp Treetops now in session, the farm crew is also eagerly planning opportunities to welcome counselors and campers to work together – to use our heads, hands, and hearts to nurture our farm and ourselves.

It promises to be a great summer.