jumping on a mountain top

Hot, muggy temperatures gave way to thunder and a smattering of rain this week. By now, children are as in tune with the ever-changing Adirondack weather as they are with the other rhythms of Camp life. The result is a quiet confidence and sense of purpose. Campers have begun to feel at home, beaming with the knowledge that they are contributing to our community in unique ways.

This week Supers stepped into a mentorship role with younger children. For the first time this summer, they read stories aloud and tucked Junior Campers into bed, just as our counselors do every night. The generosity of this simple gesture cultivates compassion among campers, showing that leadership sometimes means taking care of others.

For some campers, this week marked their very first time sleeping overnight on a wilderness excursion. After a long difficult trek up to the rocky mountain summit, nervousness gave way to exhilaration as campers took in the vast, glorious views. They returned brimming with confidence and newfound tenacity.

A similar effect has been underway in the riding ring. Newer riders learned how to move from a trot into a canter this week. Others took a leap of faith, experimenting with how to control their horses without the help of a saddle. Both required a tremendous degree of confidence, as well as trust in the animal and riding instructor. Over three weeks, across all program areas, children have learned that the joys of taking chances are well worth the risk. As Visitor’s Weekend draws near, the excitement is palpable. Campers are eager to share with loved ones all the magic of a Treetops summer. We look forward to seeing many of you very soon.