girl with chicken

On Saturday, children arrived at Camp Treetops to a smattering of summer rain. Despite a soggy beginning, the first week of camp blossomed with sunshine and nearly cloudless skies. Immersed in the natural world, children begin to settle in and discover the unfolding rhythms and routines of life at Treetops.

Campers rise for barn chores and garden harvest in the morning light, sing camp songs at council, and choose from a myriad of activities throughout the day. Spare moments are filled with climbing trees, running barefoot through the grass, and working on a friendship bracelet with a tent mate. By bedtime, as the ebb and flow of the day begins to wind down, a child may start to feel a little homesick. Gathering together with their counselors and tent mates for a nightly bedtime story helps cultivate a sense of comfort and feelings of belonging.

At Treetops, our tent groups are the foundation of our community. As campers learn about each other, how to live together, and support one another, the seeds are planted for strong and lasting friendships. Very quickly what is unknown begins to feel familiar, the lull of homesickness grows fainter, and the joy of being at Treetops ignites campers’ spirits.

The excitement of adventures to come is palpable as campers eagerly learn basic skills in areas such as swimming, canoeing, rock climbing, and horseback riding. Campers are already forming meaningful connections, whether weaving, hiking Balanced Rocks, bottle feeding a baby goat, cheering on friends as they pass rafters and clothesliners at the waterfront, or simply exploring the pond for frogs and salamanders.

At our July 4th bonfire, junior campers were greeted by senior campers as they paraded across the lake hill in whimsical homemade hats. There they tossed their hats onto the unlit bonfire as everyone gathered for an evening of celebration and singing. The Supers performed their annual skit, a beloved tradition that reflects the creativity and teamwork of our oldest campers. This joyful event brings everyone together, helping children to feel at home and a part of our community.

Look for details about Visitors’ Weekend early next week.