At its heart, a Treetops summer gives children time. Time to discover a newfound passion. Time to take a leap and trust that you will land. Time to consider and reflect; time to fall in love with the natural world and understand your responsibility to it; time to make friends for a lifetime; time to experience genuine accomplishment and the rush of unbounded joy.

Time to…
hatch chicks and watch them grow.
sing Adirondack Blue at council overlooking the lake.

set sail into the breeze.

design and create colorful batik cloth prints.

take an early morning dip in the bracing waters of the Cascade Lakes.

harvest cucumbers, green beans, and beets for pickling.

race barefoot through the dewy morning grass.

stack firewood at the sugarhouse.

practice viola under an apple tree.

pick and weave snapdragons and daisies into flower crowns.

catch, clean, and fry up dozens of Round Lake fish for an evening meal.

help a friend find his footing on a rocky path across a ridge.

paddle and portage over thirty miles of rivers and lakes in a single day.

lead a parade of horses, each finely groomed with flowers braided into their manes and tails.

square dance hand-in-hand at sunset to the Virginia Reel.

sleep out under the stars.

Camp Treetops gives children time to simply be.