Now fully immersed in Treetops, campers have discovered how seamlessly creativity and forms of expression are woven into each and every day. Whimsical play, artistry, and craft are all encouraged. With ample inspiration from nature, children inspire each other, allowing ideas to come to life, transforming materials all around them into works of art.

After three weeks at Camp, children have had time to experiment with an array of mediums. At Treetops, there are no pre-formed kits, whether learning how to marble paper or transforming beeswax into pine cone candles. Conversely, these past three weeks have also allowed children ample time to devote themselves to a single craft. Large, colorful tapestries woven on a floor loom; a stool with legs crafted to resemble a camper’s bare foot; clay delicately coiled by hand into vases and pots, glazed, and fired in the kiln⁠—children are empowered by these experiences as they acquire the perseverance to plan and see an artistic process through completion.

The creative spirit is celebrated not only in the craft, wood, and pot shops, but across all program areas. This week, children shared stories and jokes while climbing trees. They created costumes from a bounty of natural materials harvested from our farm, fields, and forest. In the Teaching and Learning Kitchen, campers whipped up edible creations using ingredients fresh from our garden, including strawberry sorbet, chive pancakes, pickled veggies, and Korean Bibimbap.


At the first square dances of the year, campers danced hand-in-hand to a live string band and caller. For everyone, the event is a chance to celebrate summer through the expressiveness of dance, laughter, and friends. Likewise, at the annual water carnival, junior campers delighted in a whimsical array of games and activities. Bursting with laughter and excitement, children flew down the Lake Hill on the slip-n-slide, coaxed the elusive greased watermelon from their opponents’ arms, and tried to keep their sinky boats afloat. For the costume closet relay races, campers dashed through the water in bright, fanciful and mismatched outfits. Like many of our Treetops traditions and all-camp events, the water carnival incorporates dress-up, whimsy, and imagination

We look forward to sharing the creative spirit and talents of your children with you at Visitors’ Weekend!