Campers weeding the flower beds.

Dear Treetops Families:

As week six comes to a close and we’re winding down to our final week, we’re drawn to reflect on the magnificent power of our magical Treetops community: a place where campers are given a solid foundation, as well as the time and space to be their authentic selves. Here, campers have the support of their friends and counselors to pull them up when they need a hand, or to give them a gentle push when they need encouragement in the face of adversity.

One of the most treasured elements of Camp is the complex and intricate weave that comprises the fabric of our camp community. Beyond their tentmates and tent counselor, each camper’s community extends to include their tablemates and tablehead for meals, their swim class and instructor, their trip group and trip leaders, their favorite shop counselor or riding instructor, and many other peers and caring adults. Each grouping provides an opportunity for a shared experience, common ground, and the basis of a strong relationship; each of them helping to weave the strong and beautiful fabric that is Treetops.

Senior campers square dancing. Photo by Nancie Battaglia

Some notable shared experiences from this week include our second square dance, the Senior Camp water carnival, and our Community Day during which we mulched the treasured rhubarb patch, weeded the annual flower bed, and harvested over 70 pounds of beans in the pouring rain! Senior Camp had their Gymkhana event, a fun afternoon of whimsical games on horseback, and Junior Camp celebrated Book Day in which counselors read stories aloud during each meal, the menu reflects the content of the books, and many of the day’s activities are book-related. 

Off campus, Junior Campers embarked on day trips, as well as the longest trips offered: double overnights. Upon their return, they regaled us with the trials and tribulations of their journeys, including the abhorrent trail conditions, the precise number of bug bites they got, the best (and worst) meal they had, and the story behind each scratch and scrape. Senior Campers also ventured off campus on day trips, overnights, and the final five-day trip of the summer for our Super group. The memories made and bonds built on these trips, they’ll carry with them for years to come.

Senior campers waving on their overnight hiking trip.

This week brought additional challenges as well, including dealing with illness, saying goodbye to early departing staff and campers, and beginning to think about our next transition: the end of Camp. With this shift comes mixed emotions: the excitement of returning home, the sadness of leaving Camp, and perhaps some uncertainty and nervousness about the upcoming school year. With these thoughts and feelings in the air, we aim to encourage campers to take advantage of these last days and stay present, while also supporting them as they anticipate what lies ahead. 

We are all so fortunate to have this special summer community. As we begin this next and final week together, I am filled with gratitude for each and every member of the Treetops family, their dedication to one another, the land and animals, and the beautiful spirit of our mountain home.


Hannah Edwards
Camp Treetops Director