Dear Treetops Families,

It’s been nearly a week since we welcomed our campers under cloudy skies and drizzling rain. Despite the wet weather, spirits were high, and it was lovely to watch campers, new and old, connect with one another, their counselors, and our mountain home, as many kicked off their shoes and eagerly began toughening up the soles of their camp feet!

Since then, we’ve been blessed with warm sunny days and brilliant Adirondack blue skies! New and returning campers alike are settling into the routines of the Camp day. I’m always amazed at how quickly our children become accustomed to the rhythms of Treetops: the tolling bells signaling that mealtime is near, morning tent cleanup, choosing activities, afternoon work jobs—a Treetops day provides much freedom and choice, as well as a firm structure that binds our community together.

Within the first couple of days, campers became acquainted with their new tent group and tent counselor, selected a book to read together at bedtime, participated in orientation, during which they toured campus to get the lay of the land, were introduced to the various shops, and had a chance to show off any horseback riding skills, as well as their swim skills in the waters of Round Lake.

Tuesday brought much excitement as children had the opportunity to select their morning and afternoon activities. Campers had wide array of choices: from weaving on belt looms or table looms, beginning a project in one of the shops, baking kale chips in the Teaching & Learning Kitchen, singing Camp songs to the sheep, to scaling our indoor climbing wall or Clark House chimney, making sun tea with flowers and herbs from the Children’s Garden, exploring the variety of creatures at the Frog Pond, sailing on Round Lake, and repainting our giant Adirondack chair, just to name a few.

Daily Juice & Crackers provides an opportunity for junior and senior campers to mix and mingle over an afternoon snack. It’s heartwarming to see siblings, cousins, and friends have the chance to connect and recount stories from their days. Tuesday also marked our first Camp-wide activity—our annual bonfire on the Lake Hill, kicked off by our junior campers who paraded across the field and over the hill, adorned in handcrafted newspaper hats, and gleefully cheered on by Senior Camp. Hats were cast into the fire pit, and together we sang Camp songs and watched as the sun began its descent towards the horizon.

The last few days also provided opportunities for campers to opt in to our first off-campus trips. Children attended the Lake Placid Horse Show, hiked to the summits of nearby Mt. Jo, Balanced Rocks, and Cascade, canoed on the neighboring Cascade Lakes, and picked raspberries at a local farm.

With each meal, Council, activity, trip, barn chore and work-job, campers have the chance to connect with one another, their counselors, nature, and the land, gaining a greater understanding of themselves, their interests, skills, and abilities, as well as their important role within the Treetops community. It’s truly a joy to watch as our summer community begins to take shape—the air filled with the sound of chatter, laughter, and the singing of Camp songs; our beautiful mountain campus is abuzz with activity once again. 

Thank you for sharing your camper with us this summer!

With so much love and gratitude,

Hannah Edwards
Camp Treetops Director