Leaping with guitar

The world slows down at Treetops. With no watches or clocks, time is measured in other ways—turning cartwheels across the Lake Hill or weaving an intricate design on a loom. Fostering creativity is at the heart of what we do at Camp, and while childhood may be fleeting, given time we can preserve its magic. By week three, campers are reveling in imaginative play, igniting the sparks of creativity, and learning to take risks.


At the Junior Camp water carnival, children delighted in the sun-drenched lake. Whimsy and flights of fancy filled the day. Campers squealed with laughter as they flew down the Lake Hill on the slip-n-slide, coaxed the elusive greased watermelon from their opponents’ arms, tried to keep their sinky boats afloat, and raced through water in the dress-up relay.

Every day, the creative spirit is celebrated throughout Camp. In the children’s garden, campers worked together weeding and tending the herbs and flower beds, creating a beautiful space that will inspire creativity in all its forms throughout the summer, from watercolor renderings to tasty farm-to-fork creations.

eating lunch

In the camper kitchen, children created handmade pasta with eggs fresh from our farm. After collecting basil and kale from the garden, campers completed the meal with pesto for the pasta and a side of kale chips. Other treats created from our farm this week include raspberry homemade ice cream and currant-rhubarb-mint jam. Campers also had the opportunity to visit a local dairy farm, bringing home cow’s milk to make fresh mozzarella cheese and butter for their biscuits.

Of course, making edible creations from scratch is just one form of creativity at Camp. In the evening, children gathered to share their musical talents, singing and playing instruments such as ukulele, flute, clarinet, and guitar. And, as always, traditional arts like woodworking, pottery, and weaving remain immensely popular. Wooden bowls, lamps, and baseball bats on the lathe, chessboards, shelves, and canoe paddles are just some of the woodworking projects that campers have undertaken.


Children are also designing and creating their own fleece jackets, as well as weaving colorful designs for guitar straps, pillows, and tote bags. Using natural materials like leaves, bones, sticks, and flowers, campers have been creating nature mandalas. For many projects, children arrive with big ideas and, guided by counselors, they learn step-by-step how to make their dreams a reality. The development of hands-on skills also help campers cultivate hand-eye coordination, understand patterns, and see a process through completion.

With ample inspiration from nature, children continue to work diligently on an array of creative projects. We look forward to sharing camper creations with families during visitors’ weekend!