Dear Treetops Families,

Winter is settling in here in the Adirondacks. These days, temperatures regularly dip below freezing and there’s never enough sunlight in the day. The ice on Round Lake is almost thick enough to skate on and cross-country ski tracks weave in and out of the view from the Lake Hill. This cold, dark season seems to grant us permission to slow the pace of our daily routines and urges us to seek warmth and comfort for ourselves, our families, and our communities.


We can find comfort in knowing that sunlight is on its way. Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, is coming on Monday, December 21. This day marks the shift back to light—the start of the lengthening of days and the approach of summer. The solstices, both winter and summer, give us a reason to connect to the rhythm of nature and to appreciate sunlight, whether there is a little or a lot. And though I know there are many cold and snowy days ahead, after the solstice, I know that Camp is almost, even if just barely, in sight. As I stand on the Lake Hill, I can hear the laughter and joy of North Country School students sledding and I know that before long it will be the sound of campers splashing together in the lake on a warm and sunny summer day.

cookie tree

The recipe included is inspired by the Winter Solstice. This birdseed ornament is a perfect way to connect to nature and to bring comfort to those (feathered ones) around you. The ornaments can hang on your balcony or from your favorite tree for the wild birds, or they could decorate the coop of some lucky backyard chickens. I hope this recipe, or something else like it, gives you a reason to slow your day and find comfort in the nourishment of others.


Happy Winter Solstice from Camp Treetops. I hope you find light and warmth in your coming days.


Karen Culpepper
Camp Director