campers harvesting peas

If you’ve already read this week’s Camp Journal:


The magic of a Treetops summer could be seen at the lake early Tuesday morning, when Junior Camp had their first-of-the-summer polar bear swim. Campers were diving off the raft and jumping off the high dive before breakfast, the water and air temperature already blissfully warm. Their energy was contagious—it was a terrific start to a beautiful day.

At “barefoot bootcamp,” children dashed across the grass in formation, their bursts of laugher interspersed with pushups and sprints. Campers also performed hilarious skits in the amphitheater, improvising with silly costumes and props plucked from milk crates. Children explored the art of bow-drilling, an ancient method of fire making, learned to sew hammocks, and used the camper kitchen and wood-fired bread oven to make homemade bagels…sharing and devouring them while still warm. The Junior Camp Water Carnival, complete with canoe tug-of-war, a costumed water relay, and a giant slip and slide brought the lake hill to life on a sunny afternoon.

The craft shops are their own worlds of whimsy—colorful felted balls, puppets, intricate handmade castles and pirate ships, marbled paper, balsam pillows, and vibrant weavings are just a few of the projects that have been created this week.

Whether indoors or out, imagination and creativity are part of every activity at Treetops. Overnight and day trips continue to ignite excitement and cultivate new challenges. Community mornings, garden harvest, and barn chores round out the days. Taking time to play, learn, and create is a Treetops’ mantra that is now unfolding in real time.