hikers on mountain top

If you’ve already read this week’s Camp Journal:


Campers gathered quietly by the light of a campfire Sunday evening to reflect on their summer, and the mood was bittersweet. In late June the days felt endless—now they are all too short. Circled around the fire, campers agreed that Treetops is like nowhere else in the world. Many described a feeling of acceptance, a sense of belonging, a community. At Camp they can be their true selves.

A Treetops summer gives a child time to….

gaze skyward at the stars.

set sail into the breeze.

feel garden soil between their toes.

help a friend reach the bald face of a mountaintop.

dye the yarn for an intricate weaving.

jump into the icy waters of an alpine stream.

snooze in a hammock between the trees.

catch tadpoles in the pond.

sing together at morning council.

grow and harvest cucumbers and carrots for pickling.

learn the names of every horse.

devour blueberries on Owl’s Head.

square dance to a fiddler’s song.

understand that many hands make light work.

breathe in the natural world.

discover a secret courage.

take a leap and trust that you will land.

to simply be.