We began the week reveling in summery weather at Treetops. An occasional shower brought relief to hot, sunny days. As temperatures rose through the afternoon, everyone itched for the cool of the lake. But mountain weather is prone to change. Our mid-week evenings saw temperatures dip into the 50s. Even so, now more than ever, the waterfront is a lively and popular place. Water activities are among campers’ favorites. A daily swimming lesson provides time for instruction and mastering new skills; during general swim, children spend time together out on the rafts or enjoy more whimsical play like practicing handstands in shallow water, building sandcastles, or catching salamanders along the shore.

On Thursday morning, our heartiest Junior campers rose early to join a polar bear swim before breakfast. Throughout the week, other strong swimmers have tackled an open water triangular course of one-quarter mile or braved the full mile swim across the lake. For those new to swimming, simple pursuits like learning to float on one’s back under blue skies and puffy white clouds provides a chance to explore swimming at a slower pace.

The waterfront also offers a host of boating activities. During lively afternoon breezes, campers sail Round Lake in our Sunfish or larger Capris, practicing their skills for trips later in the summer. Canoeists and kayakers have been honng their paddling skills as they explore our lake. Other campers are embracing leisurely rows in the guide boats and peanut shells, or splashing just beyond the shore in our “sinky boats.”

On Monday, Junior Camp celebrated its annual Water Carnival, an all-morning extravaganza of water-related fun. Everyone enjoyed gliding down the homemade slip ’n slide on the Lake Hill, as well as games like dressed-up water relays, a canoe tug of war, and greased watermelon water polo. Campers’ enthusiasm and exuberance reach a high point with the perennial favorite, sink-the-counselor-in-the-peanut shell.

Beyond the waterfront, anticipation builds among campers as Visitors’ Weekend draws near. Campers are busy finishing up various projects, from a rustic Adirondack rocking chair to silk scarves dyed with pigments from our garden’s flowers. All across Camp, the excitement is palpable as campers prepare to share with loved ones all of their Treetops’ experiences: craft projects, works jobs, adventures on the property and off. But it is often the simplest moments — collecting eggs in the morning or watching the sun sink behind Round Lake — that campers most want to share. We look forward to seeing many of you at our coming Visitors’ Weekend.

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