NYC Environmental Panel

theatreentranceVThe environmental panel event in Manhattan October 1 was an incredible success. The moderator and panelists lived up to their billing and provided us with a fascinating, inside take on pressing issues of climate change. Attendance was great, and the reception after was an upbeat affair, with much excitement and lively conversation.

In a blog post, Hock shared three quick take-aways about climate change from the discussion:

From Richard Rockefeller: In a society in which so many experience the trauma of poverty, unemployment, poor health, and unsafe neighborhoods, it is no wonder that citizens make short-term decisions that go against their long-term needs, including those of the planet.

From Tom Steyer: He is optimistic that the political will to tackle climate change does exist, though it may well come from local and regional levels and not the federal government.

From Bill McKibben: Though knowledge of the biosphere and climate change is important, it is the experiential, close contact with the natural world that will play a key role in raising the next generation of environmental stewards and activists.

The bottom-line on which all the panelists agreed was that climate change is the defining issue of our time.

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  1. […] of affairs of Camp and School. Attendees watched a 2.5 minute video of highlights from the recent environmental panel discussion on climate change held last month in New York City featuring Bill McKibben, Richard Rockefeller, and Tom Steyer. […]

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