Accreditation & Standards

As an accredited member of the American Camp Association, Camp Treetops undergoes a rigorous assessment every three years and consistently meets — and in most cases exceeds — all ACA standards for every aspect of camp administration (including criminal and sex offender background checks on all employees).

The camp is also inspected and licensed by the New York State Department of Health for compliance with strict health and safety standards.

Nurses & Medical Staff

Each summer, we hire at least two registered nurses who are on-site around-the-clock throughout the summer. We have two health care facilities on-campus; a nurse’s station in Senior camp and an infirmary in Junior camp. Additionally, we have access to more advanced medical care at the Adirondack Medical Center only six miles away in nearby Lake Placid.

CPR, First Aid, & Lifeguard Training

Most of our counselors are certified in American Red Cross Wilderness First Aid, CPR for Professional Rescuers, and Lifeguard Training.



All medications (prescription and over-the-counter) must be listed on the Physician Health Form and signed by the child’s physician.

Upon arrival at Camp, all medications are taken to the nurse and stored in the camp infirmary. Our nurses dispense medications to campers before meals and occasionally before bedtime. Prescription drugs can only be administered with a prescription from a licensed medical professional (not a parent or guardian).

We must have either a written prescription or the original labeled bottle of medicine in order to dispense any prescription medications.

Illness or Injury

Our alert and trained staff assist our nurses in taking early note and prompt care of small blisters, cuts, and bruises. If a child has a fever or an illness such as strep throat they will spend the night in the infirmary under the care and supervision of one of our Camp nurses. If a child has an illness or injury that requires attention from a physician, he/she will be taken to the Adirondack Medical Center in nearby Lake Placid.

Parents will be notified by our nurses if a child has an appointment with a physician, is taken to the emergency room, or spends the night in the infirmary.

Parents/guardians are responsible for expenses not covered by their insurance, and agree to promptly pay the treating physician, clinic, or hospital directly.

Food Allergies & Dietary Preferences

We serve three healthy, well-balanced meals per day with a focus on homemade, whole foods, many of which are grown on our farm.

We do our best to reasonably accommodate children with food allergies, restrictions, and intolerances.  To help us ensure we can properly accommodate your child(ren), you will need to alert us if your child has a:

  • vegetarian or other special diet
  • lactose intolerance
  • gluten and/or wheat intolerance
  • peanut, soy, egg, and/or tree nut allergy.

All staff are trained in the proper treatment of anaphylaxis and in the proper usage of administering an EpiPen.